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Talendary is your AI recruiter, constantly analysing candidates on how well they fit your roles.

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What our customers are saying

Talendary has become an essential part of my day-to-day work, and I can’t imagine going back to the old way of doing things. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone in recruitment.

Alexander Petersson
Talent Acquisition Partner, Billogram

“I really appreciate that I have full control over what the AI solution takes into consideration when scoring potential candidates."

Cecilia Nork
Talent Acquisition Specialist, CoGig

“The main benefits are time saved and improved accuracy when screening candidates. I used to spend hours understanding and sourcing profiles."

Keerthana Nagabhushan
Talent Acquisition & Competence Lead

Improve quality and effiency in your existing processes

Accelerate Sourcing

Faster candidate assessment, shorter hiring cycles, and increased efficiency.

Prevent Costly Recruitment Mistakes

Only reach out to high potential candidates, fewer hiring mistakes, and ensure data-driven recruiting.

Predict Fit

Proactively assess candidate fit, cultural alignment, and retention potential.

How does it work?

Talendary's AI will automatically generate structured
lists of best-fit candidates

01. Scorecard Creation

Our AI assists you in configuring a scorecard tailored to the requirements of the position you're sourcing.

02. Candidate Import

Add candidates to the job by uploading CVs, importing LinkedIn profiles using our web browser extension, or connecting your ATS.

03. AI Evaluation

Our AI evaluates the candidates based on the scorecard and assigns various scores to the candidates. It also explains its reasoning behind the scores.

Talendary will help you achieve your goals by...


10X your LinkedIn sourcing

When you are searching for candidates on LinkedIn or LinkedIn Recruiter, Talendary will immediately tell you how well each candidate fits the role you are sourcing for. It becomes much easier to find out who to contact.


Deep candidate analysis

The Talendary AI scores the candidate in detail by checking basic qualifications, key skills and bonus assets. It can infer that some skills are covered even if they are not explicitly mentioned in the CV. Finally, the AI determines an overall fit score (the Talendary score). You no longer need to read the CV in detail - Talendary checks the things which are important for your job position.

In order to ensure trust and understanding of the scores, the AI explains its reasoning in detail - highlighting previous relevant experiences etc.


Compare candidates at scale

Once all candidates are analyzed, Talendary provides user-friendly comparison overviews such as tables and graphical charts. It becomes much easier to figure out who to interview - and who to not interview.

Teamwork planning

Elevating Recruitment
With AI-Powered


AI opens for unbiased recruiting

AI ensures fair and unbiased assessment of candidates based on job descriptions, reducing subjective factors and promoting merit-based hiring decisions.


Automated Resume Screening

AI automates candidate screening, accelerating the process, minimizing errors, and shortlisting the most qualified candidates.


Efficient Real-time Comparisons

AI enables real-time comparison of candidate profiles, enhancing efficiency, precision, and informed decision-making.


Predictive Performance Analysis

AI leverages predictive capabilities to analyze potential performance and cultural fit, improving recruitment efficiency and the quality of hires.

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