Innovating Intelligent Recruitment: Our Journey

Max and Jon discussing and pointing on a laptop

Learn about our mission to simplify and enhance the recruitment journey for recruiters and employers alike, using AI algorithms that identify top-tier candidates effortlessly.

Meet everyone
who made this possible

Max Thorme

Max Thormé


Max is an ex-Googler and entrepreneur since his teenage years. His early ventures included building bots for video games and cryptocurrency mining systems.

As the first in his family to earn an advanced engineering degree, he encountered challenges and uncertainties in defining his career path, navigating through diverse interests and opportunities.

Max considers himself lucky to have found great mentors and first managers. Hence, he is excited about unlocking everyone’s potential, giving them the opportunity to pursue what they love based on their skills, passion, and ambition, rather than their connections or ability to craft the perfect CV.

Jon Bjarkefur

Jon Bjärkefur


Jon is a senior Machine Learning Engineer and Tech Lead with over 12 years of experience in building state-of-the-art AI systems in multiple industries.

He was among the early innovators to introduce deep learning for commercial use in Sweden, nearly a decade ago.

Very hands-on with experience from both startups and enterprises.